GMP / Food Safety Systems Audit

DI Manufacturing is audited annually by the Silliker company. Silliker inspects all of our food safety and quality programs. Developed specifically for processors, their GMP Food Safety Systems audit provides us with data to insure that our food safety and quality systems remain at the highest level. Their objective and detailed audit encompasses the following areas:


DI Manufacturing is has been a USDA inspected facility since 1982 and is in compliance with all USDA required HACCP plans and Federal Regulations.

CSA Recognition Seal Program

Products bearing the CSA Recognition Seal meet the strictest criteria of gluten-free. To verify gluten-free status products are tested using the most sensitive ELISA test presently available in the United States. The R-Biopharm RIDASCREENŽ Gliadin test has a lower limit of quantification of 5 parts per million. Products must test below the level of quantification of this test to qualify for the CSA Recognition Seal.

DI Manufacturing has been awarded the CSA Seal of Recognition and currently manufacture gluten free pizzas and cookie dough.