Gluten Free School Lunch


Now Serving:

  • Two lunch box choices
  • A Snack Box with Twelve Treats

Feeding children a gluten free lunch is a daunting task for the school nutritionist. Our answer to this need is a single box that contains everything needed for a five gluten free entrees, or five gluten free snacks. We have also made all the most popular items available to order in bulk.

Gluten Free Lunch Box #1 contains a three cheese pizza, chicken chunks, hamburger with bun, turkey and cheese sandwich, macaroni and cheese, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Gluten Free Lunch Box #2 contains a pepperoni pizza, sloppy joe with bun, ham and cheese sandwich, hot dog with bun, chicken chunks, and an M&M Cookie.

Gluten Free Dessert/Snack Box contains M&M cookies (3), chocolate chip cookies (3), rice krispy treats (3), and brownies (3).

Bulk Items All of the most popular lunch box items and snacks are available to be ordered in bulk. Naturally all items are individually wrapped to insure freshness and prevent cross contamination.

Food Service

Item # DOT Foods Item # Product Description Pack Size
300192 542923 Nutrition Facts Gluten Free Lunch Box #1 One 9 x 9 x 6 Box
300193 542925 Nutrition Facts Gluten Free Lunch Box #2 One 9 x 9 x 6 Box
300196 564574 Nutrition Facts Gluten Free Dessert Box One 9 x 9 x 6 Box
300151 542958 Nutrition Facts GF Cheese Pizza 24 / 6.7 oz. pizzas
300152 542934 Nutrition Facts GF Chicken Chunks 12 / 5.5 oz. portions
300153 545658 Nutrition Facts GF Pepperoni Pizza 24 / 7.1 oz pizzas
300154 544550 Nutrition Facts GF Hot Dog Buns I/W 24 / 3.5 oz. buns
300155 544551 Nutrition Facts GF Hamburger Buns I/W 24 / 3.6 oz. buns
300156 544552 Nutrition Facts GF Bread Slices I/W 24 / 1.5 oz. bread
300950 564576 Nutrition Facts GF Macaroni and Cheese 16 / 5.0 oz. trays