Wrapped Breads


Wrapped breads offer the ultimate in food safety and freshness. All items are shipped frozen yet taste freshly baked when thawed.

Food Service

Item # DOT Foods Item # Product Description
300782 542766 Nutrition Facts 100 Count
Garlic Bread 3/4" Wrapped
I/W 3/4 inch thick slice of Garlic Texas Toast
300971 553794 Nutrition Facts 160 Count
White Bread Wrapped
I/W cliced Vienna Bread
300972 553795 Nutrition Facts 160 Count
Wheat Bread Wrapped
I/W sliced Wheat Bread
300973 553796 Nutrition Facts 80 Count
White Roll Wrapped
I/W White Dinner Roll
300974 553797 Nutrition Facts 80 Count
Wheat Roll Wrapped
I/W Wheat Dinner Roll
300975 553798 Nutrition Facts 80 Count
Dinner Roll Wrapped
I/W Whole White Wheat Roll
300701 542752 Nutrition Facts 45 Count
Hot Dog Bun Wrapped
I/W Hot Dog Bun
300976 553799 Nutrition Facts 54 Count
Brat Bun Wrapped
I/W Brat Bun